Natural impressions

My work is impressionistic rather than literal. I seek ways of making images that a place or natural object arouse in me, rather than a natural representation.

There are two pools in the Worcestershire village where I live. Both are privately owned and access to photograph either of them is limited. The pool behind the church, about 100m from where I live was the subject of a gallery and book I made earlier this year: St Mary’s Pool. you can see this here:

St Mary's Pool Gallery

St Mary’s Pool is, photographically at least, a winter venue. Once the leaves come on the trees, the viewpoints are too limited. By contrast, the Mill Pool is more open. Its main feature is a small island dominated by a willow tree – seen in the image at the head of this post. The Mill Pool is at its best in the evening, as the sun begins to set and the colours start to glow.

I am still experimenting with this venue, but it is becoming clear that a mixture of intentional camera movement and multiple exposure makes it easier to get the photo impressions I am after. You can make this combination obvious, as here:

The blurred overlay of the ICM shot gives the image a mysterious, secretive feel. The next image looks much closer to a conventional landscape shot:

but the glowing light on the leaves and the overall ‘shimmer’ are again the product of layering in Photoshop.

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